Firm Profile

SALT Landscape Architects is a Los Angeles-based design studio that creates enduring, engaging, and innovative landscapes at a range of scales. The firm's name, derived from "salt of the earth," reflects the grounding and site-specific nature that we strive for in all of our projects. We believe well designed landscapes should be poetic, dynamic, and evolving, as well as ecologically sensitive. Our designs are rooted in the unique character of a site's individual spatial qualities, environment, history and context. Our spaces expresses the specific enduring qualities of their distinctive location, serves the needs of the users, and connects visitors to the land and environment.

We believe collaboration produces better projects. We work closely with clients and communities to fully understand their objectives and desires for the project and carefully study the existing environmental conditions such as microclimates, soil, topography, wind, and sun patterns that inform the final design. Our realized projects are the product of an open process through which we engage in an ongoing dialogue with the client and community from concept through construction. Through this collaboration, the innovative use of materials, the integration of sustainable strategies, and a sensitivity to the specific site, we create meaningful and memorable spaces.

SALT is Allen Compton, Sarah Lindell, Jamie Heitner, Mike Tramutola, Grace Sullano, Ivy Pan, and Ellen Epley.

Allen Compton

Allen Compton is the founder and principal of SALT Landscape Architects, a studio recognized for designing insightful landscape projects that respond to their context and connect people to the site. He is a licensed landscape architect in the state of California where his clients include Los Angeles Unified School District, the County of Los Angeles, California Institute of the Arts, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles Council District 14, the Trust for Public Land, Snapchat, and the Riyadh Metro in Saudi Arabia. SALT, as part of Agence Ter and Team, recently won the competition to redesign Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles.

He is a member of ASLA and was recently elected vice-chair of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation Pedestrian Advisory Committee. He is currently providing pro-bono consulting to the Take Back the Boulevard initiative, where he is helping community leaders shape a plan to bring Complete Street improvements to Colorado Boulevard, in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles. He is also a member of the Council District 14 Median Advisory Committee, where he is helping to develop a sustainable, low-water, and low-maintenance planting strategy for medians in the district. Allen is also the co-founder of Los Angeles Landscape Architects (LALA), a programming and networking group focused on landscape issues.